Always a Woman
My friends elected me to hold the New Year's Eve Party that while the Doberman will "stay to the bitter fucking end" I think he is going to be the only one. Most people are stopping by on their to other places. Which I guess it ok with me. I'll be honest. I'm disappointed. Although if I just wanted a chea piece of ass I could get it. Still it would be nice to have some other than my erstatz brother to kiss on new year's.

I'm sick with a cold trying to get through the last stages of cleaning, baking, cooking, and decorating. Yesterday I spent the day cooking, cleaning, and going to another party. Over the past to nights I've equaled ten hours of sleep-although apparently I still look fabulous. One hopes I'll hold up. Now to go to the store and get the makings for caramels and salad dressing while the Doberman finishing vacuuming. I love my non house husband. Happy New Year.

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