I'm Just a Birthday Bunni
"There is still no cure for the common birthday"-John Glenn

You don't want to hear the moping. I know. You don't. So I'll just skip it and say this: I would like for my birthday wish to get 32 comments on this blog tomorrow as I will be turning the big 32. I don't care if you have to sign in using multiple aliases. I don't care if you have to blackmail your friends into pretending they care. I don't care if you have to sling shot gerbils over a brick wall through a hoop of fire.

I'm not sure how that might result in comments, but well, you people are rather odd.

And I'll make you a deal. If you do this for me, I shall put up salacious pictures from my birthday as well as a scandalriffic post.

My therapist told me I should.


Something about the line, "If I punch you, I'll end up in the ER with acrylic nail extensions embedded in my palm," really spoke to her.


Then comment.


23 Bunni - almost there! Who cares what the reason is, we can do it.

Yours in official "showering bunni with love" mode,

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