Something to Keep You Entertained While I Give an Exam
So last week I met a pornographer. Ok well a guy who owns to two pay per view adult channels. Decent guy. The type of guy who if you didn't know what he did for a living you'd think would be working at some tech company developing the next wave in entertainment. His glasses are more geek sheik than hustler.

Last night he calls me and asks me out for a drink. I have to grade like a lunatic, and I know I'll want a drink afertwards especially since I can't hang out in my apartment while it's being painted so I have taken to grading in bars. (I only drink soda WHILE grading and only drink after I'm done. No really.) So we figure out time and place of rendez-vous and then I go off to grade like a lunatic. A few minutes later I get a text from him, "Would you like any free porn from our library?"

I'm sure the boy posse will be putting in their orders later today.

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