I have a secret name for my cat. So secret I never even call her by it. I just think it at her.

We have a whole sleep ritual. I go to sleep alone, but by at least an hour later she is asleep at my feet. Now she stays at my feet, but often sprawls out next to my legs. Often she takes up the entire lower part of the bed to the point that if I should get up in the night, when I return to bed I shall have to gingerly explore where there might be room for my little legs in the bed. In the morning when I wake up she comes and curls up by my head and purrs so much her entire body vibrates. I don't know if she does this to keep me in bed or simply to make waking up at 5 am a much less unpleasant event.

But when I wear that vibrating cat fur hat I think, "Snuggleuptopuss."

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