The Show So Far

My mother's inability to comprehend why I would bother with photoblogging all of this insanity has led me to wonder why I am doing it too. The answer, of course, is simple. We were expecting eight people for dinner tomorrow and now four of them look iffy. So I might be doing all of this work to feed just a few people. So part of the photo blogging is to get people to go OOOHHHHHHHHHH look at all that work MMMMMMMmmmmmm that sure looks like some mighty tasty food at Chez Lapin.

The other reason, well, the other reason is I've always wanted to share Thanksgiving with someone outside of my family. You know, go the traditional route and have a boyfriend (notice I won't even bother to use the word husband because that will never happen) come here and hang out in the kitchen, send him to the grocery store, put him in charge of the CD player (just keep the music coming), have him rub my shoulders-sore from chopping afterwards, snuggle up with him all tired under the covers, quietly getting up early in the morning to help Mere Lapin in the kitchen while he sleeps, sending him into the living room with the cheese plate to keep the guests entertained while we in the kitchen enter the home stretch, sharing stories with him and our guests while we finally eat and have wine and drowse afterwards in the living room in front of a fire while we all contemplate what we are thankful for.

Well, no point in wishing.

Since I can't have that, I'm just going to have you all over to Thanksgiving. Virtually of course. My mother and I are listening to French music while we prepare, so you can put on some Yves Montand if you want to get the full effect. I've uploaded some more photos with labels. So you can see how things are developing.

I'm going to take a break with Mere Lapin. We've finished the carrots and parsnips, stuffing, shallots, and the pumkin nut muffins are in the oven.

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