Strange Daze
Lying in the bathtub, I can finally feel the tears. I've been waiting for them all week. Sad when you get a point where you suspect even feeling OK. When pain is the only thing you trust. And now it's here and I wish it wasn't. I've got some tequila in a glass, and a big decadent tub full of bubbles.

Still I can feel it.

"Look you and I both know you are going to cry so just accept it" I think to myself.

"You do realize you just used two different pronouns to refer to yourself."

"Hey, look at the upside, at least it wasn't three."


"Look, both you and I know that she is going to cry so just try and accept it."

"You do have a point."

"Isn't it good to have goals?"

Oh yeah. It's fabulous.

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