Some Help
I love the water. I love swimming and snorkeling. And I feel like an enormous dorky loser these days. I have no hope of even getting a boyfriend never mind ever again having something even vaguely ressembling an adult relationship with anyone.

As many major studies have shown, as people age they replace friends with their "significant others." Meaning, if I was in college, I might be able to swing a group of people to go with me to mexico or maui. But I'm not in college. Well, I am, but not in that way. My friends, they are married, or living with people, and so basically I'm screwed.

And the first person who says well go on your own, I will remind them that I have been vacationing on my own for the last six years. I've gone to these places alone. And you know what I'm tired of the lone vacation thing.

So does anyone have any ideas about how I can swing another person to go with me to cozumel or maui?

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