Through Me Enter The Population of Loss
The Inferno Canto III

According to Alarming News, I am a "relationship-y blog." Good to know. I suppose it is because I haven't ranted on the sad state of students at the moment. Mainly because now I am more satisfied with my work conditions. If the students at Manhattan College aren't "better" than the students at NYU, they certainly are smarter about how they behave in my classes. They don't feel comfortable loudly proclaiming that they don't "do" books or exclaim when presented with a two page syllabus, "You expect me to read this?"

The date with the aforementioned Idiot From NJ did not happen. I just wasn't in the mood even to be fed by an enamored dolt.

Although Karol considers me to be "brutal", I'm not nearly as heartless as I pretend to be here. On the blog, I write a good game, but it's more wishful thinking than anything else. My fear with this Idiot is that I'll lower my standards, go out with this guy, end up finding enough about him to rationalize dating him, slowly become more annoyed at him and more depressed at settling for being with him until he leaves me yet again dumping on the front doorstep of "Why must I be abandoned even by men who should be hopping on one foot while thanking the good lord jehovah for having the fine luck of happening upon a woman like me who was having a fit of low self esteem so I would even consider dating them."

I have my Bloody Valentine's Day party this week, which has a whopping 8 people set to come so far. The whole reason I planned this party is so I won't be too depressed about Valentine's Day. And now I'm going to be depressed over the party AND Valentine's Day AKA Lupercalia. TO make matters worse, I don't have to work on Valentine's Day meaning I have the whole freakin' day to sit and watch flowers and balloons go by to other places. Sniffle.

Well I shall stay at home with Dante, "per me si va tra la perdta gente."

Of course, even he managed to get married and have four kids. OK not with the woman he idolized, but still.

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