Frehel Diaries: Cher Jean
The minute the door was closed I grabbed my huge Larousse French-English/ English French dictionary threw myself on the bed and set to work. I figured I might not be able to say what I wanted, but I still might be able to write it. In twenty minutes I managed to cobble the following together:

Chere Sauvage,

J'ai pris une grande hasarde quand j'ai alle ici, mais j'asi confiance en toi. Quand je t'ai recontre**

There was a knock at the door. I opened it to find the Sauvage and Nana. Les Parent de Sauvage were expecting me at lunch .Rather than tell them about our break up, he came here to bring me. Even though I didn't want him to, even though another silent lunch was about the last thing I wanted to go through. I silently picked up my bag and left with him.

** This letter will reappear later in the narrative. Also I am aware that the French is wrong, but it is what I wrote. I would like you all to remember that this was just a first draft that got interrupted.

The sentiment I was trying to go for in the note (and again I know this is wrong) is as follows:

Dear Sauvage,

I took a big risk when I came here, but I had confidence in you. When I met you...

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