Unfortunately because my good friend blogmonkey customized my layout, I can't use a generic fundraising widget to get y'all to sponsor me. So basically you have two options. You can email me and say "Spiegelman put me down 5 bucks" (or better yet $5,000) or you can follow this link to my fundraising page at There isn't any time to delay because the 'thon starts tomorrow, July 26th, at 9 am.

Now if you sponsor me, you only have to donate the money upon successful completion of the 'thon. So be generous. Be bold. Be crazy. Because there is no gaurantee I will make it, and then you will be out none of the cash and I'll just be out of pride and sleep.

My goal this year is to raise a $1,000 dollars for Band of Parents, a charity that helps children and families battling the cancer I survived, Neuroblastoma, but there is no time to delay because I have less than two days to achieve my goal.

If you can't give at all, I understand. There are other ways you can help. Spread the word, email your friends, post links on your facebook/myspace and, of course, come here and leave me encouraging comments because I'm already wondering if this may be an epic mistake.But hey if the worst mistake I make is in the name of a children's's a good life.

And now I have to go see a man about some Red Bull. See you tomorrow morning at 9 am!


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