The Last to KNow
Apparently the love affair is over. The last I heard or saw of him was Saturday night when he bid me good night and said "I'll talk to you tomorrow." And that's it. Vanished. I've often said there is a special level of Hell reserved for those who break up via text message, IM, email, fax, and vmail. But below that level is another level reserved for those who don't bother to break up-who just fucking disappear. I should know because I'm the one who insisted it get built. It's right abovethe serial child rapists and a little below anyone who ever wrote an eharmony testimonial.

I have that effect on men, sudden disapperances. Mainly because they know I am the type of girl who will hunt them down, reach down their throats, rip their spines out, make them drink lemonade with their last few moments, call some friends of mine in Hell and make sure that they spend eternity redefining cruel and unusual punishment, and then wear their spines as a decorative hat as a warning to others who treat the Bunni's heart with anything less than delicate care.

So needless to say I'm a fucking mess, and physically ill over the whole freakin thing. So instead of writing, I offer you some youtube goodness. I have to do it as links since, you know, I can't post them directly here for some unknown reason.

Are you lonesome tonight? A Top Secret Spoof of the Original

The Universe Song from Monty Python and the Meaning of Life

Richard Jeni talking about break ups

Jake Johannsen talks about break ups

Dana Gould talks about insomnia

Patton Oswald explains why I am happy to be single-courtesy of Stella D'oro Breakfast Treats

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