The Paris Diaries in Their Entirety
I promised you that when I finished the Paris Diaries, I would actually put all of the Paris Entries into one blog post so that you could easily go through all of them. Considering that I started writing about Paris in 2004, it's reasonable that most of you would not want to hunt through and find those posts and so I bring you, ENTIRELY FREE OF COMMERCIAL INTERRUPTION, the Paris Diaries 2004-2008. I've broken down the posts by the trips. If you think looking at this list of 119 posts is daunting, imagine how I felt writing them. The posts are sometimes short so don't be too intimidated. I give you the Paris Diaries!

First Trip: August 2004

Be a Slut: A Straight Man's Advice

Don't Disappoint Me, Princess

The All American Send Off and Getting There

The Wrong Box

I'm an Idiot and My Life Becomes an Elizabeth Bishop Poem

Kiss of the Dragon

Say It Loud, Say It Proud: Fuck Atkins, and We Are Crazy French, No?


The Reliquary of the Umbilicus of Christ and Other Parisian Distractions

New York, New York, and Other Songs One Hears in Paris


Le Louvre

Last Tango in Paris

From Paris to the Moon

Paris Deux: January 2005

A Moveable Feast

Getting There

Doing the French Mistake

Great Expectations

The Louvre is Never a Bad Idea

Sweet and Lowdown

The Silent Silent Partner

The Law of Universal Regression

Non French Speaking Narcoleptic Nymphomania

We Rarely Recognize Happiness

The Baite

Oh Paris, Not Again: May 2007

Paradise Regained

55 Miles to Go * This post isn't really part of the narrative, but was posted from Paris when I was experiencing health issues.

Never Book Plane Tickets When You Are Drunk

Yodeling Into the Abyss

I'm at one with the Me that is on this adventure

Personal Jesus

The Rules: Paris Style

The Enforced Cultural Death March Begins

Another Rant About Audio Tours

What the French got Right

Remembrance of Things Past

Mirror, Mirror

Why I Hate Other Americans

Long Day's Journey Into Night

If You Can Make It Here


Marie Antionette is the Real Queen of Vegas

Apres Midi Delice

Trapped in Yves Saint Laurent

Thank You Zola, For All The Good Times


Mr. Sandman


Important Expository Post From Paris: The Death of Love Affair

Frehel Diaries: August 2007

Preparation for an Adventure

Going to Meet a French Lover and Other Unrealized Works by Franz Kafka


As You Wish

Because in France, Everything is Possible

Lumiere D'Etoile, Lumineux D'Etoile

Sex and Death by Celebrity Guest Writer: Henry Miller

The Beautiful Hippo and Fear of a French Toilet

Bed, Toilets, and Love

In the Moment

Meet the Parents

Beach Blanket Bunni

Laissez-Faire: The French Art of Eating and Parking

Ma Vie En Rose

Needful Things

Low Tide

French Logic and Le Regime D'atkins

La Logique Francaise Revient

Pig Pee Bay

From Abba to Othello: Professor Spiegelman Explains It All For You

To Build a Better Love Trap

The Spiegelman Bible and The Elvis Diet

Beyond the Sea

Boiling Point

The Road Not Taken

Thank Heaven for Little Girls

The Crying Game

Siren Song

Cher Jean

Bunni's Bluff

A Brief History of My Calamities

What a Difference a Crepe Makes

Feu D'Artifice

Personne n'a fait ce que tu as fait pour moi

The Fine Art of Loss

Eden Revisited

Isn't It Ironic?

Chez Nous

Past Perfect

Fat Black Pussycat


Nobody's Girl But My Own

Bang, Whimper

Home is Where

Lost in Translation

The Never Ending Story

Necessary Expository Interlude: Where do we go from here?

The Final Installment of the Paris Diaries: December 2007-January 2008

Know Thyself and Other Airport Diversions


The Big Sleep

Auld Lang Syne

Vengeance, Thy Name is Bunni

A la Cherche du Temps Perdu

Ces Bottes Sont Faites Pour Marcher

Anatomy of a Romantic Catastrophe

Champagne and Ruins

Tea and Hormony in Paris


A Cleaning Woman in the House of God

Marco Polo

Top of the World, Ma

Truth, Love, and Asshattery

La Petite Coquine Takes High Tea

C'est la Vie

La Chaleur

Redefining Room Service

La Grande Horizontale


Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien

Jet Lag

The Divine Miss P's Magical Cat Hair Cure

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