Even more evidence of why the US needs better english teachers

Courtesy of the Smoking Gun's Document of the Day

TSG's Sunday featured document was actually a collection of documents written to the judge of the Kobe Bryant case. The first was written by a woman who works at a hotel. She insisted that no one other than a bell hop or invited room service staff had any reason to be in Bryant's room. The alledged rape victim, in her opinion, was in Bryant's room only because "She...felt a sexually desire to have sex with him." Later she states she is not an educated college person. Well, I kind of hoped not, but I wouldn't have been surprised. For the most part very few of the college persons I encounter ARE educated. And that isn't snark, that's a statement of fact. I am willing to bet I could show that sentence to my students and they wouldn't even flinch. They would wonder why I was writing it on the board. Honestly a person shouldn't have to go to college to be able to write a coherent sentence. I firmly believe that everyone who makes it to 10th grade should be able to write a decent sentence. I'm not asking for Shakespearean prose here people, just A DECENT SENTENCE.


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