It doesn't take much

I hate leaving you all on the weekends without something to keep your minds entertained so courtesy of metafilter I give you this news item. I am defiantely going to see this film in the theater on opening night. The chance to see an MP film in the theater, well, I never thought it would happen in this lifetime. ( Although, if I had the choice I'd probably go for The Meaning of Life.) Not that I was desperately willing it to happen, but I wonder now why the film wasn't released during the 25th anniversary. At least after the release of this film, I won't have to deal with hours of bickering about the portrayal of the Jews during a staff meeting (I was deferred to during the last meeting-no one seemed to care that I hadn't seen the film-somehow being born a Jew was requirement enough to comment-my response was "Uh, well, we've been portrayed in this manner for about two thousand years-so we can handle it.")

Anyone want to come with me and whistle while Graham Chapman suns himself on a cross?

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