Fun with search tracking

Ok here are some of my favorite searches that have landed people in my fair carrot patch:

PENUS BLOW JOBS ( I particularly like the use of all caps-very A Prayer for Owen Meany of them)

how long should my penus be? (I don't know-I don't even want to know how long it is now)

Divorce Chris Dufresne (Although I have referred to a chris on this site, I've never until now referred to a chris dufresne-and I can't remember the last time I even mentioned divorce)

tarte cheek stain philippines ( How the hell did the philippines get involved?)

name photographer little girl sitting on suitcase waiting for train ( Look I know I'm an educated girl, but how am I supposed to know that?)

jumping welshman screensaver ( ?)

irish woman army blog ( although I am of irish descent, I am certainly not in the army-nor do I know any irish women in any kind of army-and certainly none who blog)

Fellow bloggers, what are the strangest searches that have brought viewers to your blog?

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