A Digression on Behalf of my Cyber Crush
Having grown up disabled with many illnesses and problems, I made a silent agreement with the universe. That agreement is it's ok that I was the one who got sick because I would rather it be me than my mother or my friends or even the guy who walks his chihuahuas every night with flashing lights on their collars. I would rather, if any of us have to be sick, that it be me. But see then the universe goes and violates the deal. Orionoir ( my secret cyber crush) has, well, I'll let him tell you, but just go and see. And another friend of mine has lung cancer which may have spread to his liver. And another friend of mine's mother suddenly died while gardening. And as an atheist I don't really have any place to direct complaints. All I can do is say "Hey...uh...universe. Freakin' BEHAVE will ya? And please lay off the very few people on the planet that I actually like. " But the universe, much like my cat, doesn't acknowledge my complaints.

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