All Time Low
We aren't going to talk about all the OTHER things going wrong in my life. No. We aren't going to even mention them briefly. We are going to say that we are very upset to find that currently Bunniblog is at an all time visitor low. In fact, I am logging less views per day now than when I didn't post for six weeks.
Things To Establish Before You Get Married
My friend Caffeinatrix and I had drinks on Friday night. As we were sitting in the window of Archer's, our favorite always completely empty so you can get a seat even though it doesn't matter because we sit with our legs dangling out the window seat like Huck Finn bar, Caffeinatrix proceeded to relate the following story of wacky marital hijinx to me.
"My husband comes home last weekend from consulting in Pennsylvania and announces that he is depressed because 'He doesn't have enough direction in his life.' He has decided to address this issue by volunteering from the Republic National Convention. I don't know what direction he thought he needed in his life, but if he actually followed the plan the only direction he would be headed in is that of a divorce lawyer. He knows who he married, and you would think that this might be something you should bring up to a woman oh say BEFORE SHE MARRIES YOU. So I started to talk to him about why he suddenly thought now he should volunteer for the Republican Convention. And he starts talking about Bush and about national security and how ok ok so he doesn't have such a good record on a lot of things but well the whole national security thing is very important. So I start talking to him about reproductive rights, and I tell him it doesn't matter if you have national security if you have women who don't have the right to make decisions over their own bodies. We argue and argue and finally he says 'Well, you're letting one little issue eclipse an entire election.'"
And at this point, even I knew that C's husband had gone in the direction of Greek Tragedy: he had set into motion a series of irrevocable changes that would bring about a swift reversal of fortune.
Historically C has been a champion of women's rights. She has worked in rape counseling and abortion counseling. She knows first hand about how influential that "little" issue can be not just on the life of the woman, but on the lives of those around her. It is, as C pointed out, "not just a woman's issue."
"Finally I get him to see that it's not just a woman's issue, and he agrees not to volunteer for the Republican National Convention. And sure enough that night he snuggles all up and he wants to have sex and I say no. He asks me why not. I tell him 'Listen as long as reproductive rights aren't guaranteed in this country, it is not safe enough for me to have sex with you. I love you honey, but I'm not willing to take that risk.' Well that didn't go over to well so to console him I patted him on the shoulder and said, 'Hey, at least you have national security."
The Perfect Man
My friend Nutreena was reminiscing this weekend about her French boyfriends. Over key lime martinis, she told me about "Patrice" the gorgeous French chocolate factory owner. Now if that isn't the perfect man, I don't know who is: a gorgeous French man with an unlimited supply of quality chocolate. If I don't come back, it is because I have found his younger brother and we have eloped to the French country side to a chocolate bunny farm.

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