"Because my knees start knockin' when you turn on the charm."
Helen Hunt as Carol the Waitress in As Good As It Gets
So there is currently a running bet on how long it qill take me to get a lover when I go to Paris. I have nine days. My friend J has placed her bet on day 2, while good old Rasputin has placed his bet at 2 hours.
I was talking to Rasputin last night when he entered in his bet. I asked him, "How can you be so sure that I will be their type? I mean I was in England for weeks before anyone noticed."
"Oh yeah, you're there type. All you need is two eyes and c*nt. Actually you only need one eye, but having two helps with the winking."
You gotta love the man. And I mean YOU gotta love the man because I surely don't anymore.

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