Those Wacky Russians
It seems the city of Belgorod has decided to cancel St. Valentine's Day this year. When I first read this headline I thought "That's it, I'm off, that's it" much like the judge in the MP sketch who decides to go to Africa because there he can execute people. But then I read some of the other things that go on in Belgorod. For example, the music played in nightclubs there has to include “highly artistic compositions of Russian and foreign classic, folklore, pop and bard music.” Oh yeah, rock me Amadeus. That's right because nothing says par-tay like a nice rousing Viennese Waltz courtesy of Strauss or maybeone of those gangsta symphonies by Beethoven. As for bard music, I don't know what it is. I'd like to keep it that way, although somehow I have the suspicion it has to do with those guys who actually travel to Ren fests "for the mead." If however in the midst of all this you manage to get your freak on, "Youth mentors from the Belgorod administration, in particular, governor Yevgeny Savchenko, deem it necessary to interrupt dances with newsreels to acquaint patrons with current economic and political problems." Clearly the people of Belgorod are in need of organizing a mass protest columinating in a rebroadcast of "Footloose."
Still, I like to Valentine's Day ban.

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