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I was doing research today, and I found this lovely scultpure of Dido committing suicide over Aeneus (who is so not worth it, I mean sure he was the son of Aphrodite and like really good looking with long flowing blonde hair, which kind of sounds gay to me, but regardless of that let's be honest he was no Odysseus. He didn't have a will of his own. Without the frickin' gods helping him every fifteen minutes with visions and possessions and driving his chariot and invading his dreams he would have been nothing more than one more roasted Trojan many times over. Now Odysseus there was a man of vision, of brilliance, of commitment dare I say it. Twenty years to get home and never gave up and never used divine aide. And he didn't a hair stylist to travel with him. Now THAT'S a man.) And then not but five minutes afterwards I check my search engine results on this blog and find some poor sick soul came to this site for "bunni suicide." Now not only am I against any bunny committing suicide, but I want to say that now and forever that this is absolutely the wrong place to look for suicidal bunnies, (although if you really desperate look here) you sick sick bastard.

If you want homicidal bunnies, that's a whole different story.

And yes, we do children's parties.

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