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So I had the umitigated pleasure of talking to this bloke today and to even see his cute monkey-ness on his webcam. Let me just say, that this boy remains unclaimed convinces me that the women of Great Britian have the worst taste in the world. How they can let such a bloke run around free? First they can't serve a cold drink and now they are letting this fine hunk of man remain single. In the words of my students "It ain't right."

He's just so cute I want to abduct him and keep him in my sock drawer. Lucky for me I have a walk-in closet.

Apologies for the lack of post, but you know this is the first week of summer semester and since none of the other professors have mastered the fine art of research, it is squarely on my shoulders to do the work of eight people for no credit and no money. I love my job. No really. What's really appaulling is we are teaching the Aeneid this summer and each and everyone of them has said to me "You know, the last time I read the Aeneid was in high school so I'm really looking forward to your presentation on it." Does it occur to them to, you know, read it since they are after all English professors? Ahhhh, surely I jest. Why would they bother when they have me to provide them with all the insight, history, and supplemental materials they need? It is a sad sad world when you can't depend on ENGLISH PROFESSORS to do their own required reading.

Ah, well, I must go finish writing my fabulous and intriguing Aeneid questions.

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