A Fundamental Lack of Imagination
I do strange things. I read books in bars. I walk around with an easter basket converted into a pocketbook named after the Emperor Claudius. I wear light up bunni ears to birthday parties.

It should seem pretty clear to people just from the way that I look, nevermind the way that I dress, that my behavior is going to be well outside the range of "normal." Yet this morning when one of my students discovered I was reading V for Vendetta she said, "I didn't know you read comic books" in a voice filled with surprise. This weekend I kept hearing, "I can't believe that you are reading in a bar."

I'm four foot six and I'm also a thirty-two double d walking around with a bunni bag named after a dead Roman Emperor and the ability to quote Shakespeare at any moment, that you can not envision that I read comic books or read books in bars is a failure of imagination on your part.

Work harder next time.

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