When a Strangers Call Back
Carol Kane reprises her role only now as a kind of psychiatric social worker counseling a young college coed with an unfortunate mullet who is stalked by a failed ventriloquist for apparent reason. Notice how serial killers in the late 70s early 80s didn't really need a motive. The original Halloween, he just wants to kill babysitters. The original When a Strangers Calls he's just a twisted guy with a knack for breaking into houses. Now it's all lengthy monologues about "Why I Kill."

This film reminds me about the most unfortunately named horror sequel to come out of Japan: One Missed Call 2. Seriously. Even Another Missed Call would have been a better title.

I digress, you want your next trivia moment.

The premise of this film, explained in a lengthy voice over, involves a vanished Indian tribe called the Abkani, a government agency, and a rogue agent who performs experiments on orphans.

Featured line: “Fear is what protects you from the things you don’t believe in.”

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