Slash and Burn

The past year-even up until last week-I've been cutting off people to the point that perhaps only 5% of my friends from the preceding year have survived. And 5% might actually be a fairly optimistic number-Rabid, the whole Snapper gang, He Who Can Not be Named, the whole NYU gang, and now Notorious BIG all gone.

There are those who say that my expectations of others are too overwhelming-I expect Rabid to get over her jealous in order to enjoy my reading, I expect Notorious BIG not to hit on my friend in front of me while I am seriously depressed, I expect He Who Can Not Be Named to live up to his own word-to care, to keep me in his life, and I expect my friends to understand there are appriopriate times to tell the truth and other times when one recognizes my limitations in terms of what I can take.

And is that really so much to ask?


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