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Well I haven't had time to do any Paris writing because Friday an old friend managed to wrangle an invite to an Fashion Week after party. So I was dancing with him and his friends while amidst some really beautiful people and some really questionable fashion. Yesterday I had dinner with Mere Lapin before hitting 42nd street to see Hachet with the Icons of Fright boys. Afterwards we headed to Circus for drinks to celebrate the movie and wacky horror fan hijinx. I managed to meet Optimus Crime and Rainbow Blight of Hate in the Box. One of my former something or others was there, but was apparently too afraid to speak to me. Funny thing about guys in who make horror movies, they're such fuckin' pussies. I mean, OK I can be a scary bitch, but I'm sitting a bar laughing and joking and Mr. Let Me Make Your Worst Nightmare Come True on the Big Screen can't managed to say hi. I had rehearsed responding to every question, I was going to be cordial. I wasn't going to cut his heart out with a casual line, unless, you know, he said something horribly stupid. In which case, I would HAVE to, but I wasn't prepared for him to not even say anything. He looked at me a couple of times, but when he ended up sitting next to each other he moved. Apparently, I am terrifying when I'm happy. Good to know. However, horror boys shook their asses to some old 80s music, and a good time was had. But those horror boys, they call it a night early and and so it was up to me and Hate in the Box to represent. I managed to get home at 6 am, get four hours of sleep, and now I have to get dressed and ready to see a Tony Bennett at Radio City.

Oh yeah, can't wait to go to work tomorrow. Just kill me.

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