I Return!

Oh my dear sweet readers. How I missed you. How I missed typing in English. How I missed ugly steamy disgusting New York in August. Seriously.

Well, I have a lot, A LOT, to tell you my dears. Of course, I have to finish my Paris tales for this to make sense, but rest assured that the one thing that my vacation did was fill me with inspiration so I shall start a massive writing kick just as soon as I finish my laundry (all my clothes are filled with sand) ,the grocery shopping, cleaning the bathtub, you know all that good "it's good to be home but I forgot that I left my apartment in such a state" kind of tasks. After I'm done with this massive writing kick. For your benefit, I'm going to compile all the French travel entries since there was such a large gap in the last Paris series. That way it will make more sense. Which is not to say that it will make sense because it involves the French and French logic...well it's the kind of logic that would appeal to my students. Which is to say that it shouldn't really be called logic at all.

But coming back home is always kind of sad-I think "My god there will be a thousand messages on my voicemail" and there ends up just being one...from my lawyer. So give me a little "nice to have you back" while you wait for tales of French Fondlery.

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