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Yep, tis my official birthday. Today will be a kind of quiet celebration: a massage, dinner with Mere Lapin, writing some Paris adventures (I saved the best for my birthday). Still that's no excuse for y'all not to make a big deal. Jump up and down. Send virtual hugs. Present me with a box of little chocolates shaped like Gordon Ramsey. (Sorry, I was making caramel hazelnut clusters dipped in semi sweet chocolate from his dessert cookbook earlier today-an early pressie from Bakerina.)

In retrospect, last year I was miserable on my birthday. Today, despite some hostility about grade grubbing from students (thanks to web enabled phones I now get hassled literally the minute final grades are submitted via blackberry and iPhone...which is upsetting because I don't have either), it has been a good day. I'm actually happy. Apparently I do well with a boyfriend across the ocean speaking another language. The beginning of the year was been rough, rough in the pardon me while I start drinking martinis out of the toilet kind of way, but I can't complain about the other half. I got the present that I want every year, a man who surprises me in a good way and a pack of friends who managed to keep me alive long enough to send my ass back to Paris. Unlike last year, I feel like celebrating, which is good because apparently my birthday party is going to be host to a cast of thousands.

Now I must go have my official after midnight birthday bunni shot at my local so I'm not too sleepy for my massage tomorrow.

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