Tis the Season for Gingerbunnies!

Gingerbread is one of my favorite desserts. Last year around this time I found a recipe on epicurious for gingerbread pancakes and meant to make them. Went to the store and bought everything I needed. And every weekend I meant to make them, and every weekend went by without gingerbread pancakes. Then around Easter I bought some bunny muffin tins. Again intending to make muffins. And yet I never made muffins.

So when I saw the snow today I knew it was time to finally make some gingerbread cakes in the bunny tin. Sure I should be writing or grading or cleaning the apartment or finalizing my Christmas list. But it was time to finally make some gingerbread. The gingerbread recipe I used is pretty simple and is also from epicurious. My plan was to test this recipe for my birthday party. And it had, indeed, past the test.

Cute, spicy, and hot, they are, just like the Bunni herself.

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