Even More NYCHFF Coverage
OK by now you know the drill. Go to the article and give me a nice fat rating or come back here and say "Hey Speigelman, you need to go back to writing school ya hack." There is still more coverage yet to come. I know I know, it never ends. Just imagine how I feel.

Unfortunately, my illness has bloomed over night from being "inconvenient" to being the equivalent of wrapping my brain in cotton and forcing me to gargle with hot asphalt (thank you Patton Oswald for all the good times) so I'm not sure if I am in the condition to work on a Paris post yet. But I will do my best. The good news is that the Sci Fi channel is having an all day Dr. Who marathon.Mmmmmmmmmmmmm hot britishy sci-fi goodness. Time to put the tea and watch the tellie.


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