Happy Halloween!

Anubis Costume and Pretty Fluffy Bunny Costume
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Well Blogger is appropriately possessed by evil photo uploading hating demons this morning. I was going upload a cute picture of two bunnies in witch hats, but no, blogger wanted evil possessed demon bunnies. So, I went down to my complaints department and snapped a photo and blogger liked that one. This is what happens when you build a computer program upon the grounds of an ancient Indian insane asylum.

I am exhausted and still furiously rushing through student papers, lecture prep, and NYCHFF coverage so I can go out for a bit tonight in costume (photos, hopefully, to follow), but until then Metafilter has a post full of scary goodness. If I have time later I might post 13 scary movies you have probably never seen, but should. And if anyone has any problems, well, you can talk to these guys in my complaints the department.....but if I were you I would wait until they have a cup of blood laced with coffee first.

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