NYCHFF: The Terror Begins

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So last night God, personally, did not want me to get to screening of Hostel (director's cut) and the Q and A afterwards with Eli Roth. After a great deal of cursing and sweating and changing of subway lines and giving up on the subway and finally getting on a bus-I arrived to a huge line-just what I had been trying to avoid. I ended up with fellow journalist Alex from Creature Comfort bitching with him about how us members of the press should be treated specially as opposed to having to wait on line like the rest of the festival goers! Our delusions of grandeur made the wait entertaining. Once inside I ensconced myself with pack o' bad boy filmmakers. The movies, like the company, were awesome.

Afterwards instead of waiting to talk to Roth, I was just too exhausted, we all headed off to the bar where we hung out until 2 in the morning. Phil Mucci told me that I am "the ballsiest woman" he has met in a long time. And he appreciates that, as well he should! Richard Gale and Brian Rohan (Criticized) hung out till late since they, sadly, had an early flight back to California. Brian is an absolute doll, and it amuses me that such a sweet guy with dimples is making a career playing insane killers! Richard is a very cool guy and I can't wait to see what he is going to come up with next . We were all bummed that they couldn't spend more time hanging out with us, but hopefully they will come back to NYC soon. I managed to drag myself home at 2 am.

Tonight promises more spooky films, snarky remarks, creepy candy, decadent drinks, and all around phantasmagoric fun.


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