40 Horror Movies, 5 Days, and a Killer Bunni

Well in a moment of what I can only call incredibly optimistic denial, I agreed to cover the NYCHFF. I was at the opening party last night, being a hit of course, and flirting with Phil Mucci (Listening Dead and Far Out) and Richard Gale (Cricitized). Of course, I intended to watch the movies and vamoose, but instead ended up at the venue until midnight drinking a shot with a cute bartender because I got him one of the goody bags.
Of course today I feel like I was hit by a small bus. I'm about to go teach and after that rush home and change to make it for another block of movies including Hostel with the director's original ending and the Q and A with Eli Roth himself. Being so tired so early on, plus all the papers and exam I have to correct, plus continuing with the Paris Diaries makes me wonder if I can make it through the next five days.
Can one killer bunni survive the hours of untold horror? More importantly can I make it through an Uwe Boll film? I shall be posting updates, pictures, and all the bloody details so stayed tuned to find out what movies absolutely killed at this year's festival.

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