The Morning Show With Celebrity Guest Director David Lynch
So I woke up in a mood this morning. Not a sad mood, but a "I want to beat someone, or maybe three, within an inch of their lives" type of mood. This was not helped by the fact that the buses were loaded with people so not one but two buses passed my stop by as more and more people crowded on. Of course, when a bus finally came I knew every stop would take forever to load up with the crowds of people. I finally got to the 1, and of course, it too had been running late so crowds and crowds of people on the train. I get to work, I'm behind. I'm kerfuffled. I still want to beat on someone, but instead I have to go teach the Inferno to a bunch of kids who would rather be playing beer pong on their specially designed beer pong table. (I know for a fact that even the freshmen do that here. They design beer pong tables.)

But there was one thing that made my morning worthwhile. I got on the bus and noticed a kid holding a glass fishbowl with saran wrap over the top. My first thought was it was some sort of algae science fair project. Imagine my surprise when I got closer and beheld that it had a fish and gravel on the bottom and all. It was clearly this boy's pet. I wasn't fast enough with the camera (he got off at the next stop). But he got up and off the bus like it was no big deal and then headed to the subway.

If I was his teacher, I would give him an A no matter what the assignment.

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