I Wanna Be Sedated

Sleeping rabbit.
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So on three hours of sleep, I have, in a personal record, graded almost 30 reading logs in less than 24 hours.

I am, now, so sleep deprived, that I am entertaining myself with questions like "Can I talk presidential candidate Fred Thompson into using a Thompson Twins song (like Hold Me Now) for his campaign song?"

In what can only be called tempting fate a group of male teenagers were sitting on the bus next to me as I furiously corrected entries on Augustine's Confessions. They were debating the age old questions "Is it easier to fuck a high school girl or a college girl?" The loudest one was proclaiming that college girls are easier. (This might have to do more college girls have access to a private room than the moral flexibility of college girls vs high school girls, but then what the hell do I know.) Being sleep deprived, I am also cranky, and therefore very close to grabbing one of them by the throat and proclaiming that if I was to emasculate the disrespectful lot of them and then pour lemon juice on the gaping wounds they wouldn't be likely to "score" at all regardless of the age/educational status of the intended target.

I managed to control myself, but if I were you I wouldn't make any sudden moves around these parts.

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