Yep, tried to avoid it, but the strain of trying get the NYCHFF coverage done quickly, plus stay on top of my grading and prep classes plus freaking out about next semester, the on going saga with my uncle (who looks more and more like I will have to take to court) and let's not forget the upcoming corridor of holiday snot to commit suicide by, yes, well it seems it was all too much for my precious immune system. I didn't realize quite how sick I was until I was sitting here at my desk attempting to type. Needless to say despite the fact that my business writing class is behind, they will hand in their work and be dismissed lest I pass out while teaching.

Right now I'm that horrible bored kind of sick. You know the kind where you are just sick enough not to be able to do anything useful, like read or write or grade or think, but just together enough to be bored with having nothing to do (as opposed to being so sick you are trying to keep your brain from exploding) and also cognizant of the fact that you SHOULD be doing something and then you wouldn't be bored. But instead of doing that I'm oogling jewelry on Etsy that I can't afford cos I gotta save up for Christmas and another possible trip to Paris.


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