Let the Bunnies Hit the Floor
Well my first day of coverage of the NYCHFF is now up at Pretty-Scary. So go there and then come back here.

May I ask you all a question: what's with these kids without costumes who trick or treat? Every year I see kids without costumes getting candy and that is just wrong. First off-why don't these kids want to dress up? Every year I'm terrified of being too old to still pull off an awesome costume. I mean, the candy thing, well it was good, but for me it was always the costuming-not just the dressing up, but also seeing my friends in costume, and the best part seeing the reaction to our costumes. But are these kids so freakin' jaded already that they are too cool to wear costumes and appreciate that for one day they can be whatever the hell they want to be?

Second, if you don't have a costume you aren't trick or treating, you are panhandling for candy. My feeling about these kids today is that they have enough of a sense of entitlement without encouraging them that it's OK to show up at a person's house and demand candy without fulfilling their part of the bargain by cutting two holes in a sheet and going as a ghost or making a dunce cap out of construction paper or any number of quick costumes. I'm not talking about anything elaborate, but something ANYTHING. It reminds me of the old Adam Sandler bit on SNL news, I'm crazy "fill in the blank" man, give me some candy. Even that would be better than these kids who show up in regular clothes asking for candy.

I think that people need to adopt a no costume, no candy policy. I mean, if you are too cool to wear a costume, then you are way too cool for free candy. Period.

Later I will be posting pictures of my costume and the whole make up process. For now I am going to go flog my idiot children and then head home.

Oh and incidentally is it so much to ask to get ONE FREAKIN' COMMENT, YOU SLACKERS. Sheesh I'm almost dozing in my Red Bull, the least you can do is wish me a Happy Halloween in my comments field.

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