The Ethics of Invites
Oh so filled with ambition I was about this evening-the cleaning of the apartment, the typing of articles, the grading of papers and I've done fuck 'all. No grading, no cleaning, no typing. None. I should be figuring out how to clean up my apartment for my party on December 22 or writing about Paris, but instead I am going to write about the invitees to my party.

One of my strange qualities is I have a wide range of friends-from horror geeks to gothic lolitas to bar hounds to serious professionals to performance artists to broken down alcoholic fighter pilots. My friends range a spectrum of ages, interests, social skills, and fetishes. The trouble is that I have several different crowds all of whom have a very unique perception of me. Oh sure, everyone's like that to some degree, but to give you an idea the extent of my social flexibility, when I was in grad school the following conversation was related to me.

Friend 1: You know what I like about Bunni? She's always so upbeat.

Friend 2: What you are, crazy? What I like about her is no matter what dark hostile thought you confess to her, she openly admits to thinking something worse.

Friend 1: What are you talking about? She's always sees the brighter side of things.

Friend 2: You're nuts.

Both friends came to me asking me which perception was "true." And my answer was both. And in the moment, they are. This is why I work better with people one on one or in much smaller groups. But you can see the trouble of having a large group of people all with different perceptions and expectations in one room. Or as the doberman realized last year "You have your coffee crowd and your drinking crowd and they don't meet." He didn't quite get the extent of these divisions-the coffee crowd, the drinking crowd, the horror movie crowd, the blog crowd, and the work crowd. And those are just the major groups.

So figuring out who to invite in terms of who will get along with who and not get into a knife fight over the chili marinated chevre or throw up on the cat is always a difficult call. Of course, this is the kind of difficult call I revel in after spending an entire weekend thigh high in mediocre papers. Actually I WISH most of these papers were mediocre. But if I have to make the choice between crushing young spirits with their failure to achieve academic distinction and crushing older spirits with their failure to achieve bunniliciousness-well I'm going for the later. And thus with much reflection and some consideration to what would make a good pay per view event, I have made a finalized guest list which includes something for everyone (well except the promise of some hot somethin' somethin' for me-and I believe that hot sex on your birthday is a right that SHOULD be a Constitutional right-so should you find a hot academic with lose morals toss him my way.)

And you will get Paris tales. Seriously. Soon.


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