Fluffy Friday
Can someone please explain to me why I am so exhausted after making a salad, roasting a chicken with veg, preparing cardamom carrots, and baking gratin dauphinoise? I didn't even make dessert but today I feel like I was hit by a bus. I have a thousand things to do but very little motivation. The good news is that I had a very pleasant night with OE. We had dinner, watched scrubs and Cinematic Titanic's the Oozing Skull, and listened to French music. I even treated him to a pornographic cover of a Little Mermaid song that one of my old college friends composed. A lovely relaxing night.

Incidentally last night was the first time I roasted a chicken. In keeping with my new year's eve res, I cooking/baking a new dish every week. Apparently with a Gordon Ramsay cookbook, all things are possible as my very first roasted chicken was juicy and tasty. And despite my Grandmother's belief that all chicken must be cooked until is like a brick in order to kill any chance of food poisoning, both OE and I are fine.

Hopefully I will find the strength to post the next Frehel port night, but most likely it won't be until tomorrow.

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