I Love the 80s: Cartoons
Matthew Broderick saved the world from Thermo Nuclear Destruction by teaching the computer threatening to destroy the Earth tic tac toe. The film ends with the fillowing line:

"Interesting game, professor. The only way to win is not to play."

Back in the 80s, cartoons were only on in a large programming block on Saturday morning. Sunday was a hostile wasteland filled with painting shows and, shudder, Dialing for Dollars. Saturday, though, was a child's paradise. I can remember getting up just to settle, still in my jammies, to watch the Smurfs, the Muppet Babies, Looney Tunes, Droopy Dog and the like.

So a couple of questions: What were your favorite cartoons from the 80s? Any least faves? I didn't go for any of the cartoons geared towards boys (like Voltron). And a lot of Hanna Barbera, like the Herculeans, seemed pretty crappy.

While I know I watched hours of toons, I can't really remember much about them. Still I do have some minor trivia.

Despite the fact that the drawings on the show seem to refute this claim, how tall were the smurfs supposed to be?

What was their original name?

The smurfs, despite what many think, are not an American creation. The original creator of the Smurfs was from what country?

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