I Love the 80s: Mtv
With the arrival of cable came Mtv, which was launched in 1981. The first video it played was "Video Killed the Radio Star" by the Buggles. While it did play music videos, Mtv did also play programs including Monty Python's Flying Circus and The Young Ones. In fact, it was through Mtv that American audiences came to see the Young Ones as part of Mtv's British comedy hour. I was slavishly dedicated to this block of programming as it was the only way to watch the Monty Python episodes before they were released on VHS. Mtv also had original programs like the game show Remote Control. However, they were pretty much all videos all the time. Videos were often group by music type like "The Headbanger's Ball" and 120 Minutes.

Unfortunately, in 1992 the Real World was broadcast essentially ending Mtv as I knew it.

Mtv also revolutionized the music industry-as videos became works of art in their own right, especially after Michael Jackson's Thriller showed how far the art form could be pushed.

Unfortunately Mtv also spawned VJs like ultra annoying Downtown Julie Brown (not to be confused with Julie "Homecoming Queen's Got a Gun" Brown) what was her tagline? Also what VJ hosted Mtv News?

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