I Love the 80s:Trivial Pursuit
Salman Rushdie's book Satanic Verses caused a fatwa to be declared on his life.

As I said before I grew up in one of the more depressing and agricultural areas of CT. Thus our power went out often and my mother and I found ourselves playing Trivial Pursuit by candlelight often. I actually remember my parents taking me to adult parties (remember I was an only child taught to socialize as an adult) where the whole point was to play Trivial Pursuit. At Christmas parties, my family would split into to teams to play against each other/

The game's popularity peaked in 1984, a year in which over 20 million games were sold. The rights to the game were licensed to Parker Bros (now part of Hasbro) in 1988; in 2008, Hasbro bought out the rights in full, for US$80 million. By 2004, nearly 88 million games had been sold in 26 countries and 17 languages.

In 1984, however, a 300 million dollar suit was filed against Trivial Pursuit for what? Author Neil Postman also referenced Trivial Pursuit in his famous book Amusing Ourselves to Death as an example of what insidious trend?

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