I Love the 80s: Sitcoms
Good work Bakerina ,and Tiffany is totally rocking the trivia! Scrubs indeed parodied the "From You Dad" ad. As for the posthumous PSA, it was Yul Brynner. Yep West World will never be the same.

Oh man, I need a break and no I don't mean Gimme a Break with Nell Carter, but I mean like enough time to eat or do something other than sit here. I did manage to have breakfast. Now I'm working on some lunch and perhaps vacuuming.

But speaking of Gimme a Break, the 80s had some spectacular and craptacular sitcoms. One of the less explicable issues surrounding the 8os sitcom was the proliferation of adoption sitcoms or sitcoms in which the focus of the show is a family with adopted children or a child. Quick-name at least 3 popular "adoption" sitcoms from the 80s. What adoption sitcom cast (technically the show started in the late 70s) seems to particularly tragedy striken? One cast member went the way of softcore porn before dying of a drug overdose and the other two were both arrested. What popular trend did these comedies predict?

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