I Love the 80s: Fashion
The novel American Psycho has an entire chapter dedicated to the evolution of the group Genesis.

While some 80s fashion, leg warmers and off the shoulder tops, have returned, other trends have blessed vanished. How about the following:

1. Shoulder Pads-Here the cast of Dynasty shows a more "subtle" version of shoulder pads. I never quite understood the seductive allure of a woman who looks like a linebacker.

2. Poodle Hair and Mullets-80s hair should probably have its own post, but well, I don't want to think about it that much. In the 80s the men had hair just as big and scary as the girls.

3. Neon- Oh my eyes, MY EYES. It burns worse than hydrochloric acid.

4. Stirrup pants-Most often worn with....high heels.

5. Power Bows-A big floopy bow often worn by a woman in a suit, but also could be worn, as Madonna often did, in one's hair.

Now I know about all these fashion faux pas because...well yes I rocked them all (although I only had the one pair of stirrup pants-they WERE hot pink). Oh yes the 80s was a time of fashion shame.

Anyone have any bad fashion they would like to share? Some favorite thing that you are secretly sad you can't wear in public....EVER EVER AGAIN? (Just not the neon please.)

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