I Love the 80s: Breakfast Club vs St Elmo's Fire
Man, you guys seriously know some 80s movies. Good work!

Prof. Jerry Hathway's house is destroyed by Jiffy Pop. Kent is convinced the voice in his head is God when it commands him to "Stop wacking off." George Lucas wrote Willow.

So, well both feature the brat pack and both are the same year, the films have radically different feels to them. Me, I prefer the Breakfast Club, but I have a few trivia questions since you did so well with Real Genius. At the end of St Elmo's Fire, Demi Moore's character threatens to do what to bury her "step monster"? What does Ally Sheedy wear the entire time during her love scene montage Andrew McCarthy? According to Judd Nelson's character Claire is what kind of girl's name? Why does Anthony Michael Hall's character bring a gun to school in Breakfast Club? And what does "Sporto" do to get detention?

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