I Love the 80s:Computers
Colecovision, makers of the Cabbage Patch Kid, made a computer called the Adam intended to compete with the Atari gaming system. We actually owned one, including the last one in the US. I remember the day Coleco told us they could no longer repair our computer as they had closed down their computer division. Ahhhh, a happy day it was as we next purchased a much nicer Apple iic.

The 80s was the rise of the personal computer. What was your first computer? Or did you covet one from afar? Any favorite games you could play on yours?

The Apple iic had bad knock arcade games like mousetrap instead of pacman (mouse =pacman, cats=ghosts) and slither instead of space invaders. Slither was desert themed in which the "invaders" were snakes. At the higher levels the snakes became invisible adding a strange zen aspect to the game. There were also text based "video" games like Transylvania. Ahhhh I spent hours with that freakin' game.

Any happy 80s computer moments?

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