I Love the 80s: Toys
The Smurfs, original Les Schtroumpfs, were the creation of Belgian cartoonist Peyo in 1958. The Smurfs, allegedly, are 3 apples high, but it means there was some hunky perspective going on in the cartoon. Hanna Barbera introduced the Smurfs to Americans in 1981.

Long before there was Tickle Me Elmo, parents waited in line for hours in order to get their hands on these ugly little dolls that came complete with adoption papers. I am indeed speaking of Cabbage Patch Kids. Did you have one? I did. I also had a Koosa.

Cabbage Patch Kids were created by Coleco. The popularity of this doll spurred Coleco to create a computer/gaming system by what name?

Cabbage Patch Kids were more popular than some other classic 80s toys like Popples , pound puppies, and my little ponies.

What were your fave toys from the 80s?

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