I Love the 80s: Dance Scenes
The movie in question is called Creator.

On top of strange comedies, the 80s also gave birth to some of the most iconic dance scenes in film. (Unfortunately my customized blog layout no longer loves the YouTube, so you have to click to see a fabulous 80s dance scene montage.) From the Breakfast Club showcasing some classic moves, to Kevin Bacon skidding across the floor in Footloose, to Ferris Bueller rocking an entire parade with Twist N Shout, the bucket of water in Flashdance, to the "nobody puts Baby in a corner" with lift at the end of Dirty Dancing, to the entire cast of Fast Times at Ridgement High attempting to have rhythm, and even my personal favorite Jim Carey doing a vampiric version of the dance off in Once Bitten. (If you have never seen it, you really must.) The dance off/suddenly choregraphed dance routine was a classic feature of 80s films appearing even in movies like Can't Buy Me Love and Teen Witch.

Any favorite 80s dance scenes? Mine goes to Jim Carey, Lauren Hutton and Karen Kopins in Once Bitten. Incidentally more trivia, who plays Lauren Hutton's henchman in this film? (He's in the video clip.)

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