I Love the 80s: Movies
The 80s spawned some truly unique films, the types of films that only could have flourished in the 80s. My personal favorite was a film that "introduced" the public to Vincent Spano. It also had the most unlikely romantic pairing, pre-dating Woody Allen and Sharon Stone (Ants) or Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan (When Harry Met Sally). Peter O'toole plays a brilliant scientist obsessed with cloning his deceased wife. Mariel Hemingway is a heartbroken nymphomaniac who agrees to donate her eggs. In the process, the two fall in love.

Oh yes.

Oh and Vincent Spano gets naked with a young Virginia Madsen. Something for everyone!

What I love about this film is that while it seemed LESS plausible when it was released than films like My Science Project or Wierd Science, it now seems to be an almost inevitable eventuality.

What was the name of this movie? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller? Bueller?

Any great bad 80s film faves?

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