I Love the 80s:Music
Cleavon Little AKA Sherrif Bart from Blazing Saddles was Lauren Hutton's henchman in that classic dance scene.

Somehow I forgot to mention pre-TomCat Cruise rockin' out without his pants and even more inexplicably Fame, both the TV show and the movie. This scene from Fame (Can You Feel It) made me think of the Solid Gold Dancers. If you have never witnessed the glory of Solid Gold essentially the show was hot people in gold lame doing 80s dances to the top ten songs in the US. The clip I've linked to actually features dancers doing their interpretations of the Miami Vice Theme Song.

Oh yes.

Also courtesy of my crack research team (that would be me) I found this vide of Vin Diesil dancing in Electric Boogaloo. Hey Vin throw me some cash and I'll take the link down (wink).

Which brings us to the question of 80s music. While the 80s brought us some great music, it's also brought some of the most classic closet music of all time. Say like my friend Matt's favorite group Hall and Oates, (OK I admit I'm clapping along to the music.) Lionel's Richie's Dancing on the Ceiling, Jermaine Stewart's We Don't Have to Take Our Clothes Off (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ID_N7rv-iN8) Mr Rickrolled himself Rick Astley , David Lee Roth's California Girls cover, The Pointer Sisters I'm So Excited, and Genesis Invisible Touch.

Not to say all of these bands/songs are bad (except for the Rick Astley...classically bad), but certainly my affection for them stems from listening to them on the bus on the way to school.

Trivia: While in the movie American Psycho, Patrick Bateman uses Huey Lewis and the News as the "soundtrack" for a murder, what band gets an entire chapter dedicated to them in the novel? (Hint: they are mentioned in the closet music paragraph)

What's your favorite 80s closet music? I must admit to having a large collection.

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