I Love the 80s: History
Before Dr Evil's Alan Parson's Project, Reagan supported the ill fated Star Wars back when the Cold War was still on and the Klingons were still evil. Trickle down economics was one Reaganomic theory, but the one reference in Ferris Bueller was "Voodoo economics." Geraldine Fererro, now known for her "People vote for Obama because he's not white" comments, was Walter Mondale's running mate in the 1984 election.

The 80s wasn't just about power bows and the electric boogaloo, some important historical events happened in the 80s. For example, the Berlin Wall came down and the Cold War ended. What years did those events happen? Less fortunately, AIDS surfaced under two different names originally. Do you remember what AIDS was originally called? Also NASA suffered a huge blow with what tragedy occuring in 1986? In that same year, a toddler fell down a well and the media went nuts until she was rescued. Although her full name was not released, what did the media call her?

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